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Voted News

Folksy :: Buy "Dinky Tea Light Coasters"

Posted By DiomoGlass on Glass Crafts

A set of 4 dinky tea light coasters. Each one is backed with felt to protect your table.

Made with leftover glass on reclaimed window glass, the glass gets another life!

This set is made using black glass and is filled in white.

They are approx 55mm square.

Folksy :: Buy "Grumpy Gurumi - Amigurumi"

Posted By odd.sox on Knitting


Before you ask, the reason I'm called grumpy is because that's how I feel every time someones asks why I like to put my hood up all the time. The reason is, my head gets cold, OK?!

I've been made using the Japanese Amigurumi style of crocheting in a spiral. I'm 12cm tall with my hood up and I'm made with neutral aran for my face and bright red yarn for my body and hood. I have

Folksy :: Buy "Toadstool canvas - round"

Posted By TopCats_Corner on General Crafts

A lovely bright hand-painted toadstool canvas. With blue skies and green grass this funky canvas would cheer up any dull day and look fab in a child's room or baby's nursery.

Canvas measures 12 inches in diameter and features 17 white buttons as the toadstools' spots.

Please note that due to these buttons this painting should be kept out of reach of small children due to potential choking

Folksy :: Buy "Japan Appeal Item. Spring Blossom Embroidered Picture"

Posted By NOfkantsCurios on Fabric Crafts

Spring Blossom is a mixed media picture, featuring embroidery on heavy guage cotton and sewn to a backed card, to ensure minimal cotton and yarn workings can be seen from behind.

Spring and the wonderful blossom on the tress was the inspiration be...

Folksy :: Buy "Butterfly Sun Catcher"

Posted By DiomoGlass on Glass Crafts

This butterfly will shimmer when the sun catches the light blue and will reflect off the ripples of the purple water glass.

She appears as delicate and fragile as the real thing.

She is made using the copper foil technique and UV bonding glue alo...

Folksy :: Buy "Set of 4 Mixed Glass Random Coasters"

Posted By DiomoGlass on Glass Crafts

This set of four glass coasters are made using red, green, blue and yellow glass on clear glass. Just in case you can't decide!

Each coasters has a corresponding felt back and they are filled in black.

Made from leftover glass from other projects and reclaimed window glass. Recycling!

Each coaster is 90mm square.

They will be wrapped and packaged as carefully as possible and I use r

Folksy :: Buy "Mazuna Tote Bag"

Posted By TopFloorT on Fabric Crafts

This durable hard-wearing unlined bag has been created using 100% medium/heavyweight cotton, with French seams and 'X' boxes for extra strength. It has a flat bottom so you can fit in more stuff!

Ditch the plastic bags and go eco-friendly instead, this bag will last forever (hopefully!) and is intended to be carried by hand with the comfortable thick handles.

Play Food Easter Eggs - Great for Children

Posted By BootiesByDannie on General Crafts

Do your children love playing in their kitchen? Do they love cooking with their play food? Why not give then their own "dyed" Easter eggs to play with!

Made with wool and wool blends, each egg is "dyed" differently just like they would be if you wer...

Folksy :: Buy "Mendhi Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver (style 3)"

Posted By AnnaCliftonJewellery on Jewellery

The Mendhi collection is inspired by Indian Mendhi, or henna designs. As Mendhi is an art applied by hand, no two pieces will be completely identical.

Made in sterling silver using mostly recycled scrap pieces from other commissions.

Also availa...

Needle Felted Red Fox Magnet

Posted By fibrous on General Crafts

Some might be tempted to assume this fox is sly, or cunning. But really, just look at him. He wouldn't hurt a fly, or a rabbit, or anything else for that matter. You also don't have to worry about him eating anything in your fridge.

Folksy :: Buy "Japan Appeal Item! Floral Scene Embroidered Felt and Yarn Brooch."

Posted By NOfkantsCurios on Jewellery

Floral Scene Brooch is an embroidered yarn and felt brooch, featuring embroidery, on a double layer of pale pink felt, which is then wrapped around a piece of flexible stiff card, and edged with golden toned yarn stitching to frame the brooch and to en...

Brass Czech Button Glass Necklace by Katofmanycolors on Etsy

Posted By Katofmanycolors on Craft Books

♥Mystic Dream♥

A beautiful Czech button glass (mirror back) was used as a focal for this gorgeous necklace! I see green, fuchsia, blue, and golden colors.....just depends on the light/angle. Also detailed on the front with hand painted, gold colored accents. The flower connectors look the same on the back as they do on the front.

Needle felted Meep a friendly meadering creature by fibrous

Posted By fibrous on General Crafts

On the plains of the planet Aila live the slow moving, vegetarian creatures called the Meep. The Meep roam free on the plains, napping in the sun and making long visits with their relatives.

This Meep is needle felted (shaping raw wool with a special barbed needle) out of soft merino wool.

Host of Daffodils Brooch

Posted By Lynwoodcrafts on Jewellery

Beautiful golden daffodils form the design for this very detailed brooch.

The background is a soft green fabric, which has been heavily embellished with several layers of leaves, and daffodil buds to give depth to the design. Leaves, buds and flower...

Mom and Baby Grungy Bot Mini Robot Sculpture by RobotsAreAwesome

Posted By HerArtSheLoves on General Crafts

Yes, even grungy bots need a mom. So, here stands an adorable new mother holding her baby, she's a fine little lady, so happy to hold her wee little baby.

This bot is part of "Grungy Bot" series: naughty robots that are up to no good... well, expect this one, she'd a girl gal.

A truly unique mother's day gift, this mini robot sculpture will thug at mom's heart strings.