Rustic Blue Bo Dog Robot Sculpture Storage Bot by RobotsAreAwesome

Posted By HerArtSheLoves on General Crafts

BO! It's true this rustic robot dog isn't just cool, he holds stuff for you. Rustic Blue Bo is a Storage Bot: designed for form and function and funky gumption! Unique storage/hiding vessel.

Size in inches: Height 7" x Width 4" x Length 5"

Q: What to put inside?

A: Fill with USBs, hide your cash, all those pretty rings your bought off Etsy... always know where your keys are! The storage options are only limited your imagination!

3 Robot Laws:

1.0: Each Robot is, Unique, one of a kind.

2.0: NOT intended for children, NOT Bendable, it is an art sculpture.

3.0: Not intended for those that do not think robots are awesome.

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