Hand knotted Jadeite Bracelet

Posted By ZoeSanderson on Jewellery

Jadeite the rarer of the two minerals better known as Jade. Prized for it's beauty the range of green go from very pale to a dark green, a range of shades is exhibited in this bracelet. A hard stone it had been used in pre-historical times to make tools, know it as the prized gemstone of the Chinese whose jade carvings are well known.

20, 8mm Jadeite beads are threaded onto a contrasting peach thread and knotted in place. Knotting the beads means that if the thread should break, which is extremely unlikely, only 1 bead at most would be at risk. The box clasp is Stirling silver with a rose design on the top. A Stirling silver safety chain provides extra security. The bracelet is a comfortable fit for a 7 inch wrist.

Your bracelet will come to you in a small cream gift box.

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