Embroidered and Felted Brooch - Meadow |

Posted By Lynwoodcrafts on Jewellery

Meadow flowers, hand-embroidered against a felted meadow background, form the design for this pretty textile brooch. Sky blue wool fibers have been felted to a background of kunin felt (produced from recycled plastic bottles. A wide variety of yarn snippets, carefully collected from other yarn projects, have been added to represent the meadow grasses. Stitching in fine cotton has been added to the sky and meadows to 'stabilise' the felting. The brooch is edged in blanket stitch threads to match the areas of the design. Wildflowers - daisies, yarrow and clover, have been added in simple embroidery stitches The back of the brooch is neatened with a layer of felt and a brooch pin securely stitched in place. Height: 5.5 cm approx Items of embroidered jewelry may not be entirely colourfast and care should be taken that jewellery items do not get wet in use in case colour should be transferred to items of clothing.

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