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Beehive shape, ceramic decorative piece

Handmade bowl, hand throw on a potters wheel with white clay.

The texture outside of the vessel follows a spiral sequence and copper metal oxide has been applied.

Inside earthenware white glaze has been applied and together with copper oxide gives the speckled green / turquoise effect.

As it has been fired to eathenware it's porous from the outside but is glazed inside so it's not porous so it will hold water.

Quite heavy.

There is a little hole which with a little water can hold a single flower or bud, or leave it as it is.

Can be used as a decorative piece.

Dimensions: 12cm in diameter and 12cm high approximately

*Because of the nature of my work and the material i use it is unlikely that further copies of this item will be produced in the future.*

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