Etsy :: svsoaps :: Jasmine and Roses Cold Process Handmade Soap

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The rich floral mingling of fresh roses and sensual jasmine makes for one gorgeous fragrance oil. For Olay lovers, this fragrance is scent you will love.

This bar is cream with rose colored stripes. The top of the soap is sprinkled with crushed rose petals, hybiscus, and tea leaves.

All of my soaps are made by cold process. They are made from scratch start to finish in small batches. My soaps are made with the finest vegetable oils and contain “NO” animal fats or by-products. They have a wonderful creamy lather that is very emollient.

I use the highest quality fragrance oils and essential oils to fragrance my soaps. And all of the soaps are tinted with natural pigments and oxides.

Each bar is individually wrapped and labeled.

All of the soaps weigh 4.25 oz to 5.0 oz.

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