Etsy :: noadi :: Orchid Cuttlefish Necklace

Posted By Noadi on Jewellery

Sculpted polymer clay cuttlefish necklace in delicate translucent shades of lavender and white inspired by flowers. A great gift for the cephalopod obsessed, science fans, and sea lovers.

Cuttlefish are not fish at all but are cephalopods, their closest relatives are squid and octopus. They have eight arms and two tentacles with suckers that they use to capture their prey. Some cuttlefish are brightly colored and many can change the color and the texture of their skin as camouflage, mating display, or warning.

Each piece of Noadi's Art Jewelry comes with a fabric gift bag.

Details: Necklace has a 2.5 inch long pendant and 24 inch long black leather cord with silver-toned toggle clasp.


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