Craftjuice Tuesday

So what is craftjuice Tuesday then???

The idea is pretty simple.. All you need is a blog to take part and help expose handmade crafts to the world.

Each and every Tuesday members of craftjuice pick the best crafts on craftjuice in the last week.

Many pick themes, or just random wishlists.

I love helping the crafting world what do I need to do?

Really simple.. Post on up your blog pictures and links to the products on craftjuice to help more and more people see the great world of handmade!!

Let us know if you taking part...

Why ?

Well we twitter all the blog post to our 7,000+ twitter follower here: craftjuice on twitter

Let us know via twitter or email us here : contact us

Here is a list of blogs taking part :)

let us know and we will add you to the list!!!!!!!! :)

Happy bloggin