About Craftjuice.com

Don't know what craftjuice is?

What is craftjuice about?...

...it's a great way of showing off your craft items to a huge number of people - there are over 20,000+ followers of Craft Juice on Twitter and 6,000+ fans on Facebook it's a great way to network show off and even sell crafts...

With the explosion of craft market places like etsy, folksy, artfire, misi and so many more the web needed a place to showcase the best crafts from all of them...

Your vote counts!!!

To become popular and hit the homepage you need VOTES!!! you are the editorial team.. You pick what should be promoted..

All popluar crafts will be promoted not just to the homepage of craftjuice but to all our 1000's of twitter followers and facebook fans...

How many votes do I need?

You need a least 5 votes to hit the hope page and be tweeted and list on facebook. PLEASE NOTE items older than 10 days that just get 5 votes will never become "popular" and not be promoted.

What's the point in getting more than 5 votes?

So why bother? Well the more votes on your item the better, why? many sections of the site rank items by votes BUT the most important thing is we send a newsletter to all our members each month with the most voted that month. Our newsletter goes to 10,000's of craft lovers around the world.

Is craftjuice a shop?

No.... You can not sell directly on craftjuice.

What if I don't have an online shop?

Craftjuice links to any page on the web with a craft item.. If you have a blog then submit that, if you wish to sell checkout many of the handmade markets like etsy, folksy, aitfire etc.. Then come back and list your item...

flickr and other image hosting site can also be submitted, you don't have to sell to submit to craftjuice.