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Weeping angel shadow box necklace

Posted By SilentTheatre 352 days ago on Metal Crafts

This is one of 2 new box pendants I have recently made and is a one of a kind.
The pendant is metal and measures 1"x2". Inside features a mix of gold ribbon, and rows od diamante in crystal and ab. In the foreground is a classic image of a painting of an angel rubbing its eyes, all captured behind a glass cover.
The shadow box has been soldered with lead free solder, originally silver in colo

Siren of the sea mermaid shadow box necklace

Posted By SilentTheatre 352 days ago on Metal Crafts

This metal soldered box pendant measures 1 inch by 2 inches. Inside I have added a classic image of a mermaid combing her hair, surrounded by sparkling chunky glitters. On different levels to give a sense of depth I have also added vintage diamante that was once used to adorn a ballerinas outfit from the 1950's, I felt it looked like an old fishing net, along a real shell to continue the sea them

Decorated tin for storage of tiny treasures, pill box, embroidery needles, dip pen nibs, body piercing jewellery.

Posted By Tinsbrightnbea 455 days ago on Metal Crafts

Beautifully decorated tin with sliding lid, hand made by me using alcohol inks, beetle charm handpainted using enamel paint and carefully assembled. This small tin provides storage for precious items, pill box, body art studs, dip pen nibs, embroidery needles, pins, beads, buttons. Beautifully wrapped to send in the post.

Mauve Kidney Drop Copper Plate Earrings, Purple Drop Earrings, Leaf Fairytale Earrings, Plant Earrings,

Posted By EnchantedLane 493 days ago on Metal Crafts

Copper Plate Mauve Leaf Earrings. In a Kidney Dangle & Drop style. With Leaf detail. These elegant earrings will make you feel fabulous and are set in a Mauve Miss colourway. With gorgeous burnished accent beads in purple/blue sheen and a Czech bi cone bead to compliment. Each

Silver Metal Embossed Gecko Cufflinks

Posted By Owl and Cat 496 days ago on Metal Crafts

Cufflinks with a gecko design handmade in pewter, Christmas gift for a man.
The geckos are embossed by hand in sheet pewter and attached to cuff links.
The gecko cufflinks will be sent gift boxed by First Class post for a last minute gift.

Beaded tree

Posted By The-shiny-zone 587 days ago on Metal Crafts

Beaded sun catcher trees. Made in a wide variety of colours. Just leave your colour choice at checkout. Each one is handmade with love and will brighten up any window. Even on a gloomy day. These tree sun catcher always make me smile and measure approx 9cm.

Buy Simple beaded tree. Handmade by creative people crafting through DISABILITIES, CHRONIC ILLNESS or are CARERS

Kitty dream catchers @Theshinyzone #ConsciousCrafties

Posted By The-shiny-zone 600 days ago on Metal Crafts

Do you love cats. Even dream of them.Then why not a uniquely created dream catcher in your choice of colours. I can even make them to resemble you cat. You can have a white cat, red cat, black cat. The one pictured was made as a memorial. These can be made in any colour you wish. Please use the box to tell me your kitty and feather colours. Each one is lovingly handcrafted featuring cut crystal b

Universal Container Ring Jewelry Box Incense Burner Antique Style Pomegranate Form Engraving Beads Coins Keys Gift Box

Posted By Annika 629 days ago on Metal Crafts

This Universal Container can be used as Jewelry Box, Incense Burner, also for Beads, Coins, Keys, Gift Box made in Antique Style Pomegranate Engraving Form These boxes are made of brass and zinc, which is obtained by amalgamating copper and zinc that makes them extremely durable then vanished. This is a piece of art and perfectly functioning and will become an excellent part of your home decor!

Rainbow bat sun catcher

Posted By The-shiny-zone 634 days ago on Metal Crafts

Handmade Halloween decorations. These will last you years and years. You could even leave them up all year around and they wouldn’t look out of place. Perfect for a door frame decoration or a very large window. Made with sun crystals. These will cast rainbows into your room when the sun hits them. You can even request them made in one colour to match your décor or traditional black.

These make

Everyone loves Peace!

Posted By MotoKraftz 916 days ago on Metal Crafts

Give this piece a chance, I mean, peace a chance... For all you tree huggers and hippies out there, I made this piece especially for you! It's made from recycled 415H Motorbike Roller Chain and repurposed steel bar, which makes the peace symbol. The symbol sits in a plaque that is made from reclaimed cedar, stained walnut, and shows nice visible crosscut grain. Hand applied tung oil completes th

Set Of Six Vegetable Markers

Posted By soniajayne 972 days ago on Metal Crafts

Set of 6 Aluminium Vegetable plant markers measure 20mm x 174mm. Hand Stamped. If you have your own preference of wording or you want more than one of the same please let me know and i will be happy to custom make them just for you. Each vegetable tag ...

Guitar Picks Made Out of Coins from Around the World

Posted By worldcoinpicks 981 days ago on Metal Crafts

These guitar picks are made by hand using vintage and modern coins from around the world. The coins are polished, and the edges have very smooth playing edges, preventing any damage to strings. The variety in metal and shapes provides a wide range of tonal possibilities, and the picks won't wear out like traditional plastic.

Beaded Bonsai Tree Sculpture by Sal Villano

Posted By villano 982 days ago on Metal Crafts

Beaded Bonsai Wire Tree Sculpture
9"wide x 12"high x 7"deep. The tree is made of 18 & 26 solid copper wire. The branches and twigs contain hundreds of clear tiny glass fringe beads. Each glass bead is interwoven into wire giving the structure of the tree a very natural look. The tree is "planted" in a hand painted glossy 6 sided ceramic pot that is decorated, in dark blue, with an ancient Asian

Memorial wire Angel sculpture

Posted By illustris 1016 days ago on Metal Crafts

Wire angel

The palm of a hand holds this beautiful angel.

With countless of hours I handmade this unique piece. I used copper colored and black colored steel wire. This angel sculpture is holding a butterfly and her legs turn into branches surrounding a large 10 cm / 4 inch dark blue crystal ball. All surrounding it are little details like flowers and little butterflies of swarovski crysta

Immortelle wire tree of life

Posted By illustris 1016 days ago on Metal Crafts

The immortelle tree of life.

This is a immortelle wire tree. The immortelle tree is an actual tree and grows mainly in the mountains of the caribbean island Trinidad. It flourishes right after rain season and has a stunning orange color. The immortelle tree is a mother tree and it symbols shelter and protection.The wolf complements this by his nature of loyalty and strength.

With countless