black and silver memory wire bracelet

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Posted By hobbit 2 hours 42 minutes ago on Jewellery

Here iv made a memory wire bracelet. It's three 10mm black glass beads surrounded by tibetan silver end caps. These are surrounded by a patter of 6mm black glass beads, small silver plated round beads and curved silver plated tube beads. It's made of...

Personalised Sports Bag

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Posted By ShropshireNaturalProducts 3 hours ago on Fabric Crafts

This versatile little bag if fully customizable You can have any message you want as long as it fits in a 14cm square. I don't charge by the letter but the more letters you have the smaller they will be.

Shakespeare Necklace- Shakespeare Paper Bead Jewelry

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Posted By Tanith 4 hours ago on Jewellery

This necklace is created from paper beads that I made from a vintage Shakespeare book of his plays and poems. When I acquired the book it had no cover or title page, so I don't know when it is from, but it appears quite old. The paper beads are strung onto galvanized steel wire and hung from a silver plated chain. The beads are 1/2" long. The paper beads strung together measure 7" from end to end

Denim Bracelet- Brass & Black Fabric Cuff Bracelet, Textile Jewelry

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Posted By Tanith 4 hours ago on Jewellery

I created this fabric bracelet from my old favorite pair of black jeans that tore. I couldn't just throw away my favorite jeans, so I turned them into jewelry. The denim beads are strung on brass wire, which is strung onto an annealed steel wire frame. This cuff style bracelet is about 7 1/2" from outside end to outside end. The bracelet is 1 1/4" high. The steel wire frame the bracelet is strung

Seashell Bracelet Handmade from Polymer Clay by Lottieoflondon

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Posted By Lottieoflondon 5 hours ago on Jewellery

A delightful beige seashell bracelet in natural tones handcrafted from polymer clay. The bracelet has been teamed with glass lamp beads.

* Will fit a wrist circumference of 6-7 inches
* Approx. polymer clay bead size 35x20mm
* Made from polymer clay, Indian glass lamp beads, metallised beads & strong elastic cord
* Colour Seashell print beige & cream

Polymer clay sculpted Sgt Pepper Beatles magnets by Anni Paisley US

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Posted By paisleybabee 11 hours ago on Polymer clay

Aren't they cute? They're magnets y'know ;) They are available separately or as a set! The first LP I ever owned at 5 was Sgt Pepper. I've always loved the concept, the costumes! It's a timeless classic dear to my heart. I hope to find a nice home for the fab four. They can be purchased separately but I'm sure you will agree it's a hard thing to consider breaking up The Beatles!

Pink Glitter Butterfly Embellishment

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Posted By spotsandscreens 16 hours ago on Paper Crafts

These delicate butterfly card toppers / embellishments have been laser cut from 220gsm pink glitter card. They are supplied in packs of 2 Each butterfly measures 42mm x 48mm. They are perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to a hand-made card.

Elegant Laser Cut Mother's Day Card

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Posted By spotsandscreens 16 hours ago on Cards

These cards are pink with a laser cut heart design with "Mum" across the heart. The insert paper is pink. These cards could be used for Mothers Day, Birthdays, or even just as a thankyou card. Each card is supplied with a white envelope.

Laser Cut Butterfly Card in Purple

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Posted By spotsandscreens 16 hours ago on Cards

These cards are laser cut from purple card with a butterfly and flower design. The insert paper is pink which provides a nice contrast. The butterfly wings can be easily folded out from inside the card to give a 3D effect.

Wavy decorative bottle

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Posted By LouTul 18 hours ago on Metal Crafts

A decorative glass bottle featuring a pewter embossed daisy plaque on the front of the bottle. This little bottle will be a lovely addition to a bathroom, bedroom or sitting room.

It is ideal for bath oil or salts.

Yakiin Branding Iron E Hiragana In Japanese

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Posted By cutejewelry 22 hours ago on Vintage

This is a Japanese vintage branding iron called a yakiin. It is used for branding bread, wood, iron and other materials. The hiragana syllable え (e), whose equivalent in katakana is エ (e). It is so cool to brand Japanese character on your craft works!!

Elephant Peg Bag

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Posted By TheCraftyCurioShop 1 day 3 hours ago on Fabric Crafts

Sturdy peg bag decorated with an appliqued elephant and heart. The elephant has a black sequin eye and the heart also has an added red heart button. Plenty of room for lots of pegs or use for other storage such as tights, socks, lingerie etc. It measur...

Handmade A6 Paris fabric notebook

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Posted By HandmadebyEdwina 1 day 3 hours ago on Fabric Crafts

Unique hand crafted A6 notebook with Paris fabric cover
Open spine, seven signatures, 40 pages
120 gsm recycled good quality plain paper
Would make a lovely gift. Could also be used as a travel journal.

Blue Teardrop pendant handmade jewellery by Lottie Of London

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Posted By Lottieoflondon 1 day 3 hours ago on Jewellery

SALE Was £12.00 Now Only £7.20

A beautiful deep blue teardrop pendant handcrafted from polymer clay in a three piece pendant using a distinct combing effect in tones of blue.

* Necklace length approx. 18 inches
* Pendant size largest approx. 40x15mm, Smaller approx. 35x15mm
* Made from polymer clay, black wire cord and silver plated findings and clasp
* Colour Tones of blue & black

Handmade green butterfly necklace

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Posted By BigSoftie 1 day 5 hours ago on Jewellery

A beautiful, spring green and summery saffron butterfly with charcoal black detailing has been handmade from resin and strung from an 18 inch antique bronze chain. The chain length can be adjusted upon request. A perfect gift for nature lovers!